New Products

Franklin Drinks

8854 Cola

6313 Dandelion & Burdock

9525 Ginger Beer

7322 Lemonade & Elderflower

12 x 275ml – £10.99


Apricot, Orange & Almond Slice

4731 Apricot, Orange & Almond Slice

A shortcake base, layered with apricot jam filling and topped with an orange and almond sponge, finished with flaked apricots and oats.

1 x 15pp


New Fishcakes

3367 Morroccan Fishcake
A blend of middle eastern flavours with flakes of Pollock, we added some crushed sweet potato for colour and a touch of sweetness

9440 Salmon, Pea & Mint Fishcake
Large chunks of salmon with crushed peas and a fragrant chopped mint all coated in a crunchy panko coating

6337 Cod & Tartare Sauce Fishcake
Chopped gherkins, capers and a dash of lemon all mixed into a fishcake with cod, fried in crispy batter

24 x 90g


Fish & Chip Shop Bites

6492 Fish & Chip Shop Bites
50 x 48g

Gluten Free

MSC Cod, Potato and Peas, vinegar flavoured batter


New Chicken Range

9116 Tempura Battered Chicken Fillets
1 x 24

3502 Tempura Chicken Bites


New Bread Range

9558 Laugen Pretzel Bun  42 x 80g

1749 Multigrain Brioche  50 x 85g

5744 Multigrain Rustic Sourdough  6 x 1.1kg

4467 White Rustic Sourdough  6 x 1.1kg

2802 Wholemeal Panini Pre Grilled  55 x 110g

4749 White Panini Pre Grilled  55 x 110g