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What To Do With Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes have always been a larder staple and are regarded as a ‘cook’s comfort blanket’, an ingredient that you will find in any professional of domestic kitchen in any town or city. Tomatoes were a prime candidate for canning due to their high acidic nature and were canned more than any other vegetable or fruit by the late 19th century.

The Fairway range tomatoes comes from the Campania region of Italy. Italy produces arguably the best packed tomatoes in the world, a tradition that has come about due mainly to the demand of Italians around the world that want the genuine article. The tomatoes are picked at the ripest- meaning they are full of flavour and canned in their own juices.

Cooked tomatoes are even better for you than fresh. Cooking them for 15 minutes breaks down the tomato’s cell wall  releasing the valuable antioxidant lycopene which is claimed to reduce the risk of certain cancers and treat conditions such as high cholesterol and heart disease. The effect of lycopene on osteoporosis is currently being researched. 

The range of tomatoes have an authentic sweet taste, with a deep rich colour and a clean, fresh flavour. The range consists of: 

Rich tomato paste, great for adding a depth of flavour and a deep colour to stews, sauces and curries. 

Peeled plum tomatoes, which uses a whole plum tomato that have been skinned, allowing you to use it in classic dishes that call for whole tomatoes or on a breakfast buffet.

Chopped tomatoes, which are great to use in classic Italian sauces and stews and also form a base for soups.


The Fairway tomato range offers a convenient, year-round consistent way to use tomatoes in many different cuisines.


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